Tonight’s drawing

here it is again, subtle changes to the background, it is redone in a warm shade of gray. small color and hi-light fixes. resigned, finito 

Magic background and other improvements. why does it take me so long to admit its not done. love pushing around a creamy background. went with a last minute half halo half shadow. title still “Time Space Continuum” 

still working at it. working as a painting now but can i live with the pink and that blue? had to paint over the signature, doesn’t happen often. must still go over background and spherical tones.

whats the answer, one less color? One of them is signed perhaps prematurely. 

Far off

Being rudderless 
Yet another sunny day 
far off an eddy

feeling better today many small changes which are a good start. I like to stop looking at it for a bit, and then turn to it for a visual reaction. close to done, calling it “space time continuum” I have my reasons. are we tired of this one yet he said to the universe.

500 posts! who know!

500 posts! who know!

still banging my head against the wall. still not happy. because the size of some of the shapes the values are very important.  

New drawing more minimal then some. Less information, color would be a problem.
Working on painting something needs to work better, it’s giving me a hard time.

Last nights drawing. Yaw and roll, or docking.

some time it takes a long time to do so little. hoping that little bit makes a difference.

Last night drawing inspired by word of the day osculate.

throw on the air in the studio and went back to the study to try new colors. sometimes less is more. lot of thinking left i fear.

Last night drawing. I have a collection of these building like sketches.