color color color latest in the merry go round of changes. 

Where are the people who can see.

a few resent drawing. I’m struggling. 

may attempt this next. maybe that it’s different is it’s best excuse. note Ive worked in a green.

not sure where I’m going with this. was taking a break from the last study. studio get a little to warm this time of year.

been working on this today I’m ready for a metaphor. what to do with color and style, alway a process.

Had fun with this one last night a bit forced. Will make some studies.

what the hell, just could not accept it. two much blue so i add two new colors, putting it even more over the top. If this does not sit well with me ill be force to neuter it color wise. it has its one of a kind status, and what the hell, next. 

still trying to make myself happy, adding more tonal areas. calling it Between two Points #3.went to the student show at Cooper union some nice work.

so far from what i think i want, but so much more than i expected. almost done, worked over the gray, blue, yellows and red. now I’m glad i did not go for the sepia colors of sophistication, so many wonderful spaces in this anarchy of form. still I’m worried that i have not pulled it off and this is a work of an amateur. 

more work, it helps when its dreary out to stay in the studio. when you know you can change things and still go back to the way it was, it makes you braver. looks good now for the details and mistakes that will appear as you see into the canvas. and do i remove the painterly?

its worrisome when I get to this point and I like it. there is so much more refining in the color and shading to apply. would be easy to second guess myself and make it hard edged solid colors.


Sitting and surrounded

I just smile answering for them

They stare back kindly

the under painting using rudimentary color to define shapes. do not always take this much care at the beginning of the painting leading me to think this one will be very exact and refined. then when its not working who knows.

again two choices and some redrawing. funny how some of the underlying patterns are more apparent in the top one. the bottom is more challenging in the harmony of the colors. May try putting a light background around the top one.