did not do to much debating . like this one so just went ahead with under painting and now a great start with the color. always trying to use green successfully, giving it equal value as the BG helps.

the last painting seem to be done. well here are the studies i made this afternoon. will look over the large pool of winter drawing and do a few more.

things were looking off course yesterday, so much so I just rough it up with new color and brush strokes to get back to the painterly and the look i had imagined. just finished repainting the black lines. was going to call it couples therapy, but its really a dialog between the line and the paint. a few tonal adjustments and line corrections and it may be done.

Did a lot of painting today. filling in the lines, but is it subtle enough, will have to wait till the black lines are enforced.  maybe take some blue out.

Back to what had to be done, thinning, refining the line. the challenge I had to begin with. happy now, one more pass at blackening the line and refining it and then perhaps making the negative space more painterly.

still going back and forth with the lines. deciding how thick they should be is important.

pencil transfer, rough black line, a start at  filling in the negative space to control the line on right

final study for new painting. i think this will be a test of how steady my hand is. will see what happens.

Always a reaction to the last painting, finding a new approach to present a drawing. a maybe, still thinking about next painting.

back and forth with the light color. maybe it’s time to sit back and sneak up on it. a more solid yellow is an option.

may call it Male Ethos

a lot of wet paint today. its getting there, still trying to figure out why i love this drawing.

this painting© is a lot of fun, don’t know why, Oh the drawing seems to be pulling its weight.

it was a triumph of straight line painting, get the base colors, now th´hard work. 

final study with underpainting, more like pallet mud. define area with some tinting. I’m hopeful.